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Samsung Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator RF18HFENBWW

33 Inch Freestanding Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator with 17.5 cu. ft. Total Capacity, 3 Glass Shelves, 5.72 cu. ft. Freezer Capacity, Crisper Drawer, Automatic Defrost, Ice Maker, EZ-Open Handle, Energy Star in White

Quick Specs: Width: 32.1875" Height: 70.8125" Depth: 30.5"

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Haul Away - $20.00
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This French Door Refrigerator from Samsung will bring elegance to your kitchen and freshness to your food. It has Twin Cooling® system, 2 humidity-controlled crispers, led lighting, tempered glass shelves, EZ-Open Handle™ and 18 cu. ft. capacity. Two crisper drawers keep your produce crisp and fresh and provide ideal storage space for all your fruits and vegetables.


Counter Depth Design

Get more workspace while enhancing your kitchen's look with our counter-depth refrigerator design. Its sleek, built-in style blends in with the cabinetry, adding function and style to your kitchen.

18 cu. ft. Capacity

With our 18 cu. ft. capacity French refrigerator, you can store up to 18 bags of groceries* in a sleek 33"-wide model.
*Grocery comparison based on each cubic foot of usable space equaling one paper bag.

Automatic Filtered Ice Maker in Freezer

The automatic filtered ice maker in the freezer offers convenient access to ice. It provides filtered ice cubes and helps ensure you have ice on hand at all times.

Twin Cooling System®

Samsung's Twin Cooling System®maintains cooling air for the refrigerator and freezer separately. The refrigerator air is kept at higher, near-commercial grade humidity levels to keep perishable fruits and vegetables from spoiling quickly. Drier freezer air means less freezer burn for better-tasting frozen foods.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting gently brightens up the interior of your refrigerator so you're able to quickly spot what you want. Its sleek design saves more space than traditional incandescent light bulbs and leaves more room for groceries.

Surround Air Flow

Surround Air Flow helps maintain optimal temperatures and ensures air circulates for even cooling throughout the refrigerator.

Power Freeze and Power Cool

Fast freze or fast chill your food with the Power Freeze and Power Cool options. Easily drop the temperature in each compartment within minutes with the push of a button. Great for chilling your favorite drinks or firming up ice cream in a flash.

Two Crisper Drawers

Two crisper drawers keep your produce crisp and fresh and provide ideal storage space for all your fruits and vegetables.

EZ-Open™ Handle

This specially designed handle allows for easy opening and closing of a fully loaded freezer, containing a filtered ice maker. The low-profile handle design lifts up and glides out the drawer effortlessly.

Refrigerator Features

  • 11.8 cu. ft. capacity
  • 2 Humidity-Controlled crispers
  • 3 tempered glass shelves
  • 2 gallon door bins
  • Dairy compartment
  • Deli Drawer
  • LED lighting

Freezer Features

  • 5.72 cu. ft. capacity
  • EZ-Open handle™
  • Automatic filtered ice maker (Cubed)
  • LED lighting

Data sheet

Counter Depth
French Door

Specific References

Rated 4.80 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 5 customer reviews
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Everything we need

"the crisper drawers pull out only with both doors open, shelves and bins don't adjust much and internal drain froze in less than one year causing a water leak inside fridge.

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Sleek & Compact In Design! Samsung Does It Right!

"Compact and Sleek in Design The sleek design of the Samsung Refrigerator with its stainless steel finish is classy. The refrigerator is counter depth and compact with it being 18 cubic feet. The total refrigerator capacity is 11.8 and the freezer capacity is 5.72 cubic feet. The French doors add a rich look to the Kitchen. Open up the freezer drawer and there you find the ice maker. The led lighting is nice and bright. If you forget to close the freezer draw or refrigerator doors an alarm sounds alerting you, a wonderful feature. Inside the refrigerator you have three glass shelves with only one shelf being adjustable, a sliding draw under the top shelf which you can slide back and forth which I never saw before on any refrigerators and two crisp drawers. On the French doors you have a total of eight bins with two of the bins on the bottom larger. Open up the freezer draw and you have a slide out basket with the ice maker and plenty of storage underneath. It does take a little while to get use to a French door refrigerator. The glass shelving inside the refrigerator does not accommodate tall bottles, where as you will need to place them in the door bins along with your milk, juices and a two liter bottle of Soda. The refrigerator is best suited for a small family or perhaps in a condo or apartment. The counter depth allows a better walk flow in the Kitchen. The twin cooling maintains a better air flow and keeps food fresher. The customizable temperature zones are effective and include a power cool and power freeze. The refrigerator also has an echo button which allows you to run it more energy efficient. The refrigerator is quiet. Having a draw freezer versus a side by side I no longer worry about that roast falling out on my toes. The refrigerator and freezer work perfectly it keeps food, drinks cold and the freezer keeps everything frozen. Larger items are hard to fit in the freezer draw. The refrigerator shelves have limited adjustability and most tall items will not fit with the only solution is to lay them sideways and hope there is no spilling. You have to learn to work the doors and place taller items on the doors. By removing the top door bin you can accommodate some taller bottles. The refrigerator does accommodate a full size pizza box. Not having a water dispenser you realize how much you miss it. Overall it’s a fantastic refrigerator but too small for our family. I am reviewing the refrigerator as part of the #Samsung Insiders."

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Perfect Fit for a Small Kitchen!

"We got our new fridge a couple weeks ago and I waited to give my review until we had several days to experience it in its entirety. Our kitchen is insanely small so the fit on this fridge is AMAZING! Its compact but roomy at the same time! We loved the top fridge and bottom freezer profile.. it's been great for all of us finding food easier. The shelves have ample space.. we were a little concerned that we wouldnt have enough space being a family of 7 but we have managed to fill the fridge perfectly and havent run into many problems storage wise. My only con is that the door shelves are a bit narrow compared to the 1980's fridge we had previously and we had a lot of sauces/spices/ door items that we had to find other homes for. We are thrilled with our purchase.. the fridge makes our kitchen look beautiful and its fit is perfect!

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Compact but Efficient!

"We have had it in our house now for more than a week and here are the main things we have taken note of: Pros: - First and foremost, the outside appearance of this Samsung fridge is beautiful, this has really classed up our kitchen. - The fridge is compact but very well designed to where the space is utilized fully - The fridge got down to temperature extremely fast, I was told it would take 7-24 hours from the delivery team but it was to the recommended temps (38 degrees for the fridge and -2 degrees for the freezer) within just a couple hours! - The ice maker produces ice extremely fast, it is noticeably faster than any other ice maker I've had in the past. - The lighting and inside appearance are sleek - The "openness" in the design makes it easy to locate items and store larger items. - The noise level is incredibly low. Outside of when it was first installed and reaching temps, I have not heard it make any noticeable noise outside of when the ice is dropping in the ice bucket or water is being added to the ice maker to make more ice. - We have already noticed a drastic improvement in the quality of our food, particularly produce when storing it in this fridge. Our food is staying fresh longer and literally looks the same as when we got it from the store. This is a HUGE bonus to cut down on waste. Cons: - Height between drawers and shelves is relatively short. In all fairness, the drawers are adjustable in height but then you have to realistically take out an entire drawer thus losing that space. - Overall size is smaller than expected. This size is acceptable for our family, but my wife and I both come from large families (6 kids and 5 kids respectively) and agree this would not be big enough for a large family. Our family is a family of four, so it is perfectly suitable for our needs but it was getting pretty full when we had to prepare for a birthday party this past weekend. - The front of the fridge is not magnetic. Although I know this is obvious or expected for most people, it is something to consider as we are the typical family who likes organizing many things on our fridge. The sides suffice but for some families that would not be enough. All in all, we give this fridge a 5/5 and would absolutely recommend for anyone to buy it! We have already had several friends ask about it because of how attractive it is and are looking at it for themselves. Great overall appliance!

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Great Upgrade for a tradition double door

"I Got the 18.5 Samsung Refrigerator. This is a very simple yet modern looking Refrigerator. I come from a traditional double door 18 cu refrigerator. I can definitely say its a very good upgrade for my family. this is a super cool, quick freeze refrigerator. Let me jump to important stuff. Shipping and Handling: The moving company with whom Samsung has contracted is very professional. They handled the installation perfectly and made sure everything was set up properly. Hence 5 stars Samsung for providing great delivery experience. Design: French Door and bottom freezer drawer. Love this design. The doors are steel hence you cannot attach any magnets to it. however you can attach them on the side.I never thought how helpful French door will be to move items in and out. Specially heavy stuff like milk gallons. The Bottom freezer is pretty good size and freeze's soon. Very spacious. The refrigerator took around 4-5 hours to reach the desired temperatures. Settings/Buttons: Digital display and 6 buttons. The refrigerator has a good feature called ECO mode which I am still testing to see if I need to switch it off or keep it on. There are 2 quick cooling buttons for Fridge and Freezer called Power Freeze and Power Cool which cools the respective section within 1-2 hrs depending on what is required. The display already has recommended settings so its not rocket science to set up your refrigerator for the first time. Accessories : It comes with a cord for water supply for making Ice, unfortunately I cannot use this since my refrigerator is far away from any water connection . Hence I have kept the ICE making to Off and instead got an ice bag and left it in the freezer. I have no complaints with this refrigerator. It's really great, keeps the food fresh and it's very silent. it doesn't make any loud noises. I will definitely recommend this refrigerator to my friends and family. Recommendations: This refrigerator is good for a 1 bedroom condo or apartment. You definitely need a bigger capacity refrigerator for a townhouse or single family home. Before buying this or any new refrigerator make sure there is a nearby water connection for making ice, else you will be stuck like me keeping the ice making option as off and buy ice from outside. Great Job Samsung"

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