Q: What items are eligible for EPIC Protect?

A: New indoor and outdoor appliances and electronics in the United States.

Q: When does coverage begin?

A: All plans begin from the date of purchase and are inclusive of the manufacturer’s limited warranty. Benefits such as laundry credit and power surge coverage begin on Day 1.

Q: What is the Limit of Liability?

A: EPIC Protect is a full value program. The Limit of Liability per claim is the retail price of the product.

Q: Is power surge covered?

A: Yes, power surge is covered from Day 1.

Q: Is there a Laundry Benefit?

A: Yes, up to $50.00 (for the life of the contract).

Q: Is there a Food Loss Benefit?

A: Yes, up to $300.00 (for the life of the contract).

Q: Is Accidental Damage coverage available?

A: The ADH benefit is available on laptops, tablets and cameras from Day 1.

Q: How do I re-order brochures?

A: Brochures are ordered on Global Contract Manager. Simply click on “order brochures.”

Q: Will replacement products be purchased through the dealer?

A: Centricity may purchase replacement products through dealer at cost + 10%.

Q: How will Terms & Conditions be sent to the customer?

A: Centricity will send the customer’s Terms & Conditions via mail or email within two weeks of reporting the sale.

Q: How long do I have to sell EPIC Protect?

A: You can sell EPIC Protect as long as the product has 30 days remaining on the manufacturer’s warranty.

Q: How does a customer file a claim?

A: Customers can file a claim by calling 1-800 9266117 24/7/365.

Q: Can I file a claim on behalf of my customer?

A: You can initiate a claim on behalf of the customer on Global Contract Manager.

Q: How do I schedule training?

A: Please contact your account manager for training options, or visit MemberNet.