Keep your purchase running like new for years to come—and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a plan that delivers what it promises.

Terms and Conditions Notes:

• All service contracts begin on date of purchase, are inclusive of the manufacturer’s warranty period, but do not replace coverage

provided by the manufacturer.

• The service contract provides coverage for mechanical or electrical breakdowns.

• All service contracts include power surge protection from Day 1. Electronics must be plugged into a surge protector.

• Service location mirrors the manufacturer’s warranty (i.e. in-home, depot, carry-in).

• 5-year contracts DO NOT include additional 5-year major component coverage. Standalone major component contract pricing is


• Standalone major component contracts provide 10 years of PARTS ONLY coverage from the date of purchase of the covered product. If

the manufacturer warranty covers the major component part but does not cover labor, then the service contract will cover LABOR costs.

• The service contract provides a Food Loss benefit up to $300 for term of contract. The covered product must be installed and

functioning for a minimum of three days to be eligible for food loss coverage. Customer is required to provide receipts for repurchased

items and list of spoiled items when making a claim.

• The service contract provides a Laundry credit up to $50 for term of contract. The benefit is subject to a covered failure for more than

seven consecutive days. The laundry credit benefit applies to both washers, dryers and combination laundry units. Customer must provide

an itemized list of laundry expenses when making a claim.

• The service contract covers failure or damage to non-operational components such as handles, knobs, racks, rollers, wheels, shelves and

drawers that may impede the functionality of the covered product.

• No Lemon benefit allows for replacement of a product of like kind and similar features. The product will be replaced on the 4th failure

for the same reason during the term of the contract. The benefit does not include repairs performed during the manufacturer warranty


• The service contract will pay the cost of installation of a repaired or replacement product (not including parts such as mounting

brackets), the cost to deliver the replacement product and the cost to haul away the replaced product up to $75 with a limit of $150 for

the contract term.

• Limit of Liability coverage provides a per claim maximum up to the purchase price of the covered product with no limit on the number

of claims.

• Service Contracts are eligible for renewal.

• Certain 5-year service contracts may include a deductible which will be collected at the time service is authorized.

• A Service Contract is fulfilled if a replacement product is provided.

• Commercial service contracts available based on the following criteria:

 Pricing available for products used in a commercial setting that come with or without a manufacturer warranty. Usage of

residential product used in a commercial setting may void the manufacturer warranty. Be sure to consult the manufacturer warranty

at the time of sale to determine which plan to sell.  Product used in a business or common area or service contract purchased under a business name (unless used in private/rental

residence) is considered commercial.

• Product purchased by a landlord but used in an individual residence (i.e. apartment, rental property) is considered residential.